How quickly the last quarter of the year is upon us! Welcome to the final issue of BiblioAsia for 2018. The first automobiles were imported into Singapore in 1896, and shortly after, print advertisements began appearing in newspapers and magazines, enticing consumers with ever creative ways to part with their money for a new set of wheels. In the cover story, Mazelan Anuar tracks the rise of the automobile scene in Singapore, from carriages drawn by horse, bullock and human to the advent of the first cars – advertised as “horseless carriages” – from the late 19th century onwards. Some of these early print ads on cars, along with those on food and drink to fashion and travel, and more, are on display at our latest exhibition – “Selling Dreams: Early Advertising in Singapore” – which takes place at the National Library Building until 24 February 2019. Besides selling a…

Martina Yeo and Yeo Kang Shua piece together historical details of the little-known River House in Clarke Quay and discover that it was once a den for illicit triad activity.

Acclaimed poet and playwright Robert Yeo pays tribute to his daughter and a noted author in chapter two of his work-in-progress sequel to his memoir Routes.